Mission Statement

It is the mandate of 7 Masonry to provide masonry excellence and outstanding customer service to homeowners and contractors.

We provide masonry excellence by implementing best construction practices to your job. This means that our masons are up to date with current heritage masonry as well as new construction practices.

We offer customer friendly service and build partnerships with our clients throughout the project. From proposal to completion we make sure that we work with you and your specific situation.

Through the sharing of resources we will provide you with the best information when planning and financing your masonry project. For your ease, we can provide quotes for masonry work and payment services online.

Throughout all aspects of our business honesty and integrity are paramount, for we believe that these are the cornerstones of all lasting relationships.

We are looking forward to working with you.

Company Values

Below is a section from our employee training guidelines. We have added them below to make sure that we are all accountable for our actions, and would like your help to make sure we provide the best service and workmanship possible.

All members of the 7 Masonry Team are expected to adhere to the following values at all times.

  • Work Smart – Look for ways to do work better or faster without compromising safety.
  • Communicate – Share your ideas with your teammates.
  • Hustle – Work quickly but, not so quickly that the quality of our work is compromised.
  • Act Like Owners – When you are talking to the customer you are the face of the company, act like it. Be professional. Listen. Answer the question if you can. If you cannot answer the question, politely tell the customer which team member can. Give the customer that team member’s contact information. Tell that team member what to expect.

If you have any Question or believe that our service or workmanship are not aligned with the document above, please call 778 402-0087 and select option three of our phone menu or ask to speak to Johann. An email can also be sent to johann@7masonry.com

We value your input. Thanks you.

Want to join our team?

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How we work

Contact Us

We only need some basic details to book the quote. ( Its free)

Call us : 778 402-0087
Johann @ 7masonry.com

We usually have a small survey for you to do over the phone to make sure we can provide the best service possible.


After one of our masons come to take a look at the specifications , we will send you a straight forward quote, outline the steps we will be taking and costs to successfully achieve your project. We send it to your email where you can make payments and check on status, print out receipts and make notes.
We accept visa, MasterCard, checks, cash , paypal.


We will show up on site on the specified day and conduct ourselves in a professional manor, focusing on detail and workmanship.
To check out of code of conduct and mission statement click here.


Once completed, we will make sure that you are happy with your project. We encourage all of our clients and customers to give us feedback and you might be asked to help improve our services. We will do follow up site visits from time to time to ensure our workmanship and quality( even after our warranty period is over).